Mobile NFC Pass Reader

The VTAP100 from Dot Origin is a unique new contactless reader designed to read mobile passes directly from Apple iPhone, Apple Watch and Google Android NFC devices via a simple tap.

About VTAP100

NFC Passes – Native Support

Mobile NFC passes are contained within the Apple Pay and Google Pay wallets, sitting alongside any payment cards, so no new app is required. Issued by a mobile pass provider, they are quickly delivered by text or email and contain encrypted data that is stored in the wallet. Passes can be updated easily and have many great features that set them apart from physical cards, vouchers and tickets, not least the ability to be read via a simple tap!

An NFC pass reader such as the VTAP100 is needed to read and decrypt a mobile pass. The reader tells the phone which pass it wants, and the phone automatically selects the pass and sends the data, once the user is authenticated. Privacy is protected through public key encryption.

While this functionality can be included in traditional payment terminals, these remain expensive and complex to integrate. A separate solution such as the VTAP100 is easier to configure and deploy, much lower cost and far more flexible.

Fully certified for Apple VAS and Google SmartTap

The VTAP100 has been fully certified by both Apple and Google to work with their respective VAS and Smart Tap protocols, and includes all of the features necessary to enable automatic pass selection and on-board decryption.

On iOS this includes waking up the phone when the screen is off.

Simple to configure and integrate

Easy configuration and effortless integration are plumbed into the DNA of the VTAP100. When connected via USB the VTAP100 reader will typically emulate a mag-stripe, barcode or QR code scanner, and can be configured to send stored pass data in a format to match existing loyalty cards, tickets and vouchers.

Other connection options include serial communications and a Wiegand interface that can be wired directly to turnstiles for gym and stadium access systems. Optional LEDs and beeper functions, and an OEM board option, provide maximum flexibility for all possible environments and uses.

Configuration of the VTAP100 and secure loading of the merchant keys and pass provider parameters is done via USB without the need for software tools or technical knowledge. Any host platform is supported and remote configuration and key updating easily implemented.


VTAP100 product features

Read mobile passes

The VTAP100 will read and decrypt mobile pass data from any compatible Apple or Android mobile device. With the ability to set multiple merchant/pass IDs and encryption keys, it can be deployed in many situations and use cases.

Emulate barcode scanner

By default the VTAP100 will appear just like a standard point of sale barcode scanner using keyboard emulation, and will send all or some of the pass data via USB, with optional formatting.

Read standard NFC

Standard NFC cards and tags can also be read and their ID/data sent back to the host system, enabling backwards compatibility as well as pass options for non-mobile users.

Flexible enclosure options

Supplied in a standard enclosure for either desktop or wall mounting, the VTAP100 is also available in OEM format for integration into other housings. The standard enclosure has a large customisable front label for branding and call-to-action.

Connect via USB

The flexible USB interface offers both easy configuration and quick integration with existing systems. An optional virtual serial port can be enabled to provide command/response and other advanced functions.

Connect via Wiegand

The VTAP100 can be wired directly to turnstiles and door controllers using the ubiquitous Wiegand interface, which provides power, data and LED/beeper control. In this mode the reader can send both NFC card and mobile pass data to the host system to enable access to facilities such as gyms and stadiums.


VTAP100 compatibility

The VTAP100 is compatible with a wide range of mobile phones and devices, and is standards-based, without the need for any new app or user experience. It also supports reading of all MIFARE and NFC Forum tags for backwards compatibility and to support mixed populations of mobile and physical NFC passes.

The VTAP100 simply works out of the box with the native wallet apps from Apple & Google:

  • All Apple phones from iPhone 6S onwards, using Apple Pay
  • All Apple Watches, using Apple Pay (even without iPhone present)
  • All Android phones that support NFC, using Google Pay
  • Apple ECP compliant for automatic pass selection, even when off
  • Fully certified for Apple VAS and Google SmartTap
  • All physical NFC tag types