Universal NFC Pass Reader

The VTAP100 is a universal device that can be used in many different situations that require NFC passes to be read and decoded, including Fitness, Retail Loyalty, Click and Collect and Ticketing.

VTAP100 applications

Compatible in every situation

Aimed primarily at situations where mobile pass reading is conducted separately from traditional contactless payment, the VTAP100 reader has been expertly designed to make configuration, installation and usage as fast and easy as possible.

Whether this is in scenarios where existing payment terminals are already deployed, such as retail checkouts, or in situations where an NFC pass is an alternative to a membership card or fob, such as gyms, you will find that our solution is the most flexible, powerful and cost-effective on the market.

The VTAP100 can also be used to implement stored value payments, or as a replacement for insecure QR-based payment mechanisms, using its advanced on-board encryption management, barcode reader emulation and host communication options. And it reads physical NFC cards and tags too!

Easily integrated with any system, it can be configured and updated locally or remotely, and can be supplied in different housings or as an OEM module for designing into your own kiosk or turnstile.

And it is backed up by many years of experience in NFC, RFID and identity and access control solutions from Dot Origin. So we can help with all aspects of an NFC mobile pass deployment, if needed, or just supply the hardware and let you do the rest.

Get in touch to discuss your project and to get started with the VTAP100 right now.

VTAP100 for fitness

The VTAP100 is already being deployed at several locations to replace existing RFID readers in gym membership applications. Uniquely, the VTAP100 can be installed and integrated with almost any physical access system used to control turnstiles, and also connected at front desks, kiosks and to booking systems for check-in, self-serve and more.

Existing MIFARE-based membership cards, tags and wristbands can continue to work, providing members with ultimate flexibility and for managing a smooth changeover from physical to virtual passes.

With plug-and-play operation in most situations, the VTAP100 can be installed as a USB device and immediately deployed in barcode reader emulation mode. More advanced applications for desktop and kiosk platforms include a web server mode with Javascript integration, enabling automatic member identity lookups and check-ins.

VTAP100 for Loyalty

The VTAP100 is ideally suited for enabling NFC-based loyalty programmes in retail and hospitality outlets. The VTAP100 reader can be integrated with any point of sale system and installed at a convenient location to enable quick and easy tapping of customer mobile phones at any stage during a transaction.

With a large, customisable front label, customers can be prompted to register their details to receive immediate rewards, redeem coupons and request electronic receipts. In barcode reader emulation mode, the VTAP100 can enable NFC passes to replace QR codes seamlessly and efficiently, and then enabling advanced features such as real time pass updates and notifications.

Existing MIFARE-based loyalty cards and tags can continue to be used in parallel, providing customers with ultimate flexibility. And no changes are required to the existing payment terminals, infrastructure or software integration

VTAP100 for Click & Collect

The VTAP100 is a perfect solution for implementing a mobile-based click and collect platform that does not rely on customers having to call up text messages or emails at the point of collection.

Also known as BOPIS (buy online pick-up in store) this method of shopping is growing fast. Fast, smooth, accurate and fraud-free transactions will be increasingly important to retailer success.

The VTAP100 can be connected to existing point of sale and order processing systems, easily enabling the relevant order details to be extracted from an NFC pass and sent for retrieval. With multiple connection options, flexible configuration and on-board intelligence, semi-automated and fully-automated platforms can be designed easily, including the ability to open doors, turnstiles and lockers.

VTAP100 for ticketing

Tickets for events and for transport can be deployed as NFC passes, and easily read by the VTAP100. With capabilities of interfacing with all kinds of systems, via both USB and serial connections, the VTAP100 represents a universal reader solution that can be deployed in almost all situations, including sporting events, parking and public transport.

With NFC passes being flexible and dynamic in nature, the future of ticketing is changed as soon as an NFC pass reader such as the VTAP100 is deployed, while existing contactless tickets based on MIFARE or NFC technologies, such as MIFARE Ultralight or DESFire EV1, can still be supported.

VTAP100 for other applications

The VTAP100 is a universal NFC pass reader that can be deployed in many different situations and for many applications. Any kind of paper ticket or voucher can be replicated as a mobile pass, as can airline boarding passes, cruise ship passes, lottery tickets, membership cards, meal tickets and appointment cards.

There really is no limit to the possibilities for using mobile passes both to replace existing schemes and also to create and conceive new ones that fit into the modern, mobile-first world.

Get in touch with us to discuss your ideas or requirements. And if the VTAP100 needs to be modified to suit, we can usually do this quickly and at low cost.